A downloadable simulation for Windows

You are a human captain lost amidst hostile aliens and you just managed to hijack one of their ships.

Now you have to get ready for the ensuing war and your trusty AI has prepared a number of simulations that should get you up in no time!

A comfortable an easy to understand twin-stick shooter, this prologue focuses on creating a fluid shoot'em up experience, with tight controls and expects the player to know when to run and when to take some hits to kill an enemy.


DeepSpaceShooterPrologue Setup.exe 70 MB
DeepSpaceShooterPrologue.rar 71 MB
DeepSpaceShooterPrologue.zip 73 MB

Install instructions

If you got the ".exe" installer, just run it, it has its own instructions.

If you got the ".rar" or the ".zip", make sure to extract all files to the same folder before running the game.