Final version up!

The final update(bar possible bugfixes) is up, with a complete revamp of the customization system's interface, and the last talk with Ash(in this game, at least).

Developing this game was a wonderful experience and I can't wait 'till we're able to start working on the sequel, to continue the captain's journey with Ash(and possibly even other journeys in Last Continue's universe!). For now, we'll start looking for a publisher or another form of securing a budget for development, since the next entry should definitely be a fully fledged commercial game.

Thanks for everyone who stayed with us 'till now, and we hope to see you again ^^

(as a side note, if you want to show us some love or ask us some questions, have a look at our IndieDB page or our Discord server)


Last Continue - Customization Prototype Setup.exe 81 MB
Dec 01, 2017
Last Continue - Customization Prototype.rar 82 MB
Dec 01, 2017
Last Continue - Customization 85 MB
Dec 01, 2017 Play in browser
Dec 01, 2017

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