0.2.12 changelog

  • Itch.io page created, with a proper system for distributing beta access download keys and such! Still no proper description, but if anyone wants to test the game, just ask for MatKrulli on our Discord server and I'll send a download key your way
  • Finally you can know where those pesky off-screen enemies are! Arrows pointing to off-screen enemies
  • Some rebalancing regarding where enemies spawn(now most of them spawn off-screen)
  • Fixed stacking of shot connectors(gotta put those spreads on your spreads and those parallel shots on your parallel shots on your parallel shots on your parallel shots)
  • Added tooltips on customization screen
  • In-game UI reworked to be like the menu's UI, rather than the old one
  • Major* save format revision, now I can change it however I like and saves from old versions will always work with new ones(data that doesn't exist will have to be generated, but you'll always keep whatever data that was already there)
  • In-game messages temporarily removed, since they annoyed the hell out of everyone. Will review that later. I'm thinking of going for a small amount of timed messages, rather than a large amount of click-to-continue ones (since those break the game flow pretty heavily)
  • Now you can change options, including changing keys and such
  • Lots of changes in the menu, in the options, knowledge base, everywhere.
  • Energy cost for customization is now limited(will review customization system later)
  • Music player fixes(restarting menu music when it shouldn't, trying to play stuff when there was nothing to be played)
  • Made the in-game background scrolling a bit smarter
  • Code-related improvements on how Ash switches her sprites
  • Some behind the scenes improvements related to loading
  • Tying up loose ends on the UI


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Aug 01, 2017

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