A resource management/incremental game about summoning, growing and making use of slimes.

Currently (not so) very early in development.

I'll have to update this description soonish, but for now, peoples who wish to chat or get more news, we have a public Discord server with a bunch of nice people and all of the game's changelogs, even the small ones:


StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorVanguarda Games
Made withUnity
TagsIdle, Incremental, Management


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There was a bug after I inputed the mana into the self suficcient node, the UI kept working, but it didn't let me interact with the nodes, it didn't even let me move the camera around.


This was quite interesting! I had fun! Was a little difficult at times figuring out how to connect the nodes but I think that's fine. I think it could use some aesthetic upgrades but I imagine that's probably on the back burner until more content is fleshed out.

please make mobile friendly 

Are pieces of knowledge the current endgame? I tried reading through the changelog to see if it was but there was no mention of them.

I actually like it, so if this is the current endgame I'll check on it again.

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oh, not really.

Pieces of knowledge are kinda like hints/tips/trivia, you can't actually build them.

Current endgame is a node that says "end of current content" and requires "essence of gamedev".

Probably gonna change both of those in the future, but for now they work okayish

How do I get there? Nothing more is unlocking after I got through the Arcane slimes?


hum, it should unlock once you get both the arcane and water slime farms running and manage to process both core types. I'll look into it.


Either way, arcane/water slimes are where the content ends right now

Ok, I agree that you should look into it not unlocking as I've gone through this twice, the second time after your first reply. I've gotten both farms to be self sufficient, requiring all cores to have been processed, and it didn't unlock.
Of note, somehow I got a second "Process water slime core"  during that run.
also saving doesn't seem to work most of the time.


this game looks interesting! it reminds me of Alkahistorian volume 3, with all the nodes and things, but with the potential to be more open-ended and theorycrafty.

some suggestions:

• take out the triple lined connections. it doesn't make much sense to have connections that cannot be removed, and without them there would be more potential for experimentation

• you should probably figure out a way to anti-alias the text on the nodes for wide zoom levels, or otherwise remove the text if it gets too small

• having the ability to split or merge same-type nodes (to a reasonable extent) would both reduce node clutter and allow for more complex routing

• when mousing over a node, it'd be useful to highlight nodes that produce, store, or consume the same resources as the highlighted node, just for QoL. additionally, it could highlight which nodes it is currently connected to, with separate colors for sending and receiving

• it'd be good to have a discord server for this, just for the sake of having a hub for update info and suggestions

Oh, good to know you liked it ^^

As for your suggestions:

  • While I do realize the forced connections aren't very elegant, they're the only way I found to create more complex constructs, such as the slime farms themselves. If I didn't have them, you'd be able to cheese the farms by just disconnecting the slimes from it whenever they started to starve. While I will keep your comment in mind, I think I'll stay with my current solution, which is to only use forced connections when they're absolutely necessary (to create those more complex constructs). Do let me know if you have any other ideas or such though
  • OH, that's true. To be honest, zooming is something I had a lot of trouble trying to get right (and mostly failing). I'll probably revisit it soonish, possibly once I get back to working on the game's visual elements. For now, I've added that one to the list.
  • Merge/splitting nodes is a possibility, but regardless, they're both locked (from my dev perspective) behind a more important improvement I'll work on first, which is upgrading nodes. To put it simply, upgrading nodes will make me implement "nodes that transform into other nodes" in the code, which would open up the possibility for the examples you gave. They're cool ideas though, and I hadn't thought about them in particular, so I'll add them to the list.
  • UGH, I was JUST going to work on that XDDDDDDD
    It's like, right there on the task list:
    |> [QoL/UI] NodeInfo on a node should highlight nodes with relevant resources (produced/required/stored)
    Connection highlighting would also be cool, but I think I'll need to work on the visual revamp first (right now I'm doing everything, and I am *not* an artist lol. I think I'll create a paid desktop version possibly with some extras for people who want to support the game so I can hire someone, but I'm still thinking about it. Also considered a Patreon, but it might be easier to just work within Itch itself.
  • We do have a Discord server! And I guess I completely forgot to post it here on Itch! I'll fix that right now. For now, here's the link: https://discord.gg/VXBKMxP

Aaaand I just realized I answered that with my main account

Well, that's me, Cosmic Anemone, main dev for Vanguarda Games ^^

(there's more people in the team, but I'm the only currently active one)

pressing help crashes the game :

Ok, pressing help in-game does crash the game. And the in-game menu is doing some real weird stuff (it seems it starts with the help spawned, then you have to dismiss it)

Either way, bad stuff, probably a silly mistake, I'll see if I upload a fix with the next update (which should be tomorrow if all goes well)

awesome, look forward to it! I had fun playing what you've got so far, other than the silly menu shenanigans

This looks interesting. I like these sorts of mechanics, so I'll pay attention on r/incremental on Feedback Friday threads to see any updates

Neat ^^
I'll probably post there for the next few updates, then switch to a dedicated thread once the game is stable-ish and I start focusing on content.

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I've played some of the earlier version, and the controls are improving.

One thing that would improve it a lot is multi-select, and being able to move the selected groups around.

Good to know my work is coming through ^^

As for multi-select, it has been implemented. Try selecting a node, then shift-(left)clicking others. You can then move all of them by dragging the first one (dragging one of the latter selections just selects it instead)

I feel it's still kinda weird, and not crazy useful, but it's there.

Ah I see. Cool. Not sure how I missed that.

right clicking to delete the one  line would be good. instead of redoing the whole hub

If you right click one node while having another selected, it should delete specifically the connection going from the selected to the right-clicked. (same as how you connect)

thank you