Devlog (v0.0.1)

Well, first of all, thanks for giving this game your time.

The current version is one that was finished in a crazy rush just so we'd have something to submit to NaNoRenO, so it's pretty bare-bones.

Here's some things we'll fix ASAP:
(starting tomorrow because sleeping is good)

*Save/Load functionality*
(autosave is already in, though)
(resolution, volume, quality of life)

And here's some things we'll do once the ASAP issues are out of the way,
in rough order of priority:

*Review art and music!*
*Better interface!*
*More content!*
*Much expected RTS/RPG part of the game!*
(the story has to get there first, though)


The Fortress 0_0_1b.rar 56 MB
Apr 02, 2018
The Fortress 60 MB
Apr 02, 2018
web 55 MB
Apr 02, 2018

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