Devlog (v0.0.2)

Once again, thanks for playing our game, we hope you have a good experience.

What changed in this update:
*Save/Load functionality*
*A couple of interesting links*
(web version was bugging a bit, so we temporarily removed it, it'll probably be back on the next update)

Things we'll implement ASAP:
(resolution, volume, quality of life)

And here's some things we'll do once the ASAP issues are out of the way,
in rough order of priority:
*Review art and music!*
*Better interface!*
*More content!*
*Much expected RTS/RPG part of the game!*
(the story has to get there first, though)


The Fortress v0_0_2.rar 56 MB
Apr 04, 2018
The Fortress 60 MB
Apr 04, 2018

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