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Recent updates

Version 1.2.2
Fixed customization's tutorial not properly scaling with some resolutions...
2 files
Version 1.2.1 (bugfix)
Fixed a glaring issue with the display that was cutting a lot of sentences...
3 files
Final version up!
The final update(bar possible bugfixes) is up, with a complete revamp of the customization system's interface, and the last talk with Ash(in this game, at least...
4 files
Version 1.1.1
Boss health color depends on boss After-battle messages added(according to last Ash chats) Physics system reviewed, better performance and tunnelling shouldn't...
4 files
Episode 2 up!
Second episode is up, with the second conversation scene with Ash, a new drag mechanic where your orbs lose speed over time and deal kinetic damage that scale w...
4 files
Version 1.0.2
Created boss rush run Show health for player and bosses in UI Also show weapon layouts on UI Change weapon with scroll wheel Improve readability(resizing for no...
4 files
Version 1.0.1
(lost some change-logs since things got hectic during launch, so I'll add the ones that were omitted here, 0.2.16 and 1.0.0) 1.0.1: Added messages to wave gener...
4 files
0.2.15 changelog
0.2.14 changelog skipped, minor release for testing purposes Offscreen enemy indicator can be switched between being at the screen border or at a fixed distance...
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